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Moon Weapon Long Silk Scarf + Rainbow Chalice & Three Tailsmans Square Silk Scarf

  • HK$1,649.00
It's Silk Scarf, it's Pretty Guardian !

Sailor Moon is a cultural icon that 80’s and 90’s kids must have encountered. Centering on a “Pure Heart” theme, Artify Me presents several designs of 100% silk scarves. This silk scarf series brings together classic elements in the Sailor Moon Franchise, including sailor accessories, transformation brooches and pens, Luna and Artemis, to revive our childhood memories!

Moon Weapon Long Silk Scarf 

size: 200 x 67cm

Rainbow Chalice & Three Tailsmans Square Silk Scarf

Square silk scarf: 110 x 110 cm

*Distribution of the scarves is geographically limited to Hong Kong and Macau only.

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